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Welcome to Kuvasz World

The meeting place for Kuvasz Lovers

You are in the right place if you love Kuvasz with all your heart

You are in the right place if you are just starting to get to know the value and beauty of this outstanding Hungarian breed

The purpose of Kuvasz World is for the Guardians of the Guardians to exchange experience and share their knowledge

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The Kuvasz reflects the high values of human consciousness

The Kuvasz reminds us of the original meaning of freedom, dignity, decency, loyalty, wisdom, courage and strength

The Kuvasz protects everything that is valuable to the human kind. Our animals, our territory, our loved ones

White kuvasz bitch.jpg

 Why is the Kuvasz fantastic?

We asked Kuvasz fans, Kuvasz owners and Kuvasz breeders, because who could speak better about this great breed than those who live with the Kuvaszok and have dedicated their lives to breeding this majestic dog?

"I wouldn't. They would have to tell me why they would be the right owner." (Kuvasz owner/fan)

"They were free spirited, like me." (Edina Marton, Hungary)

"They are my soul's dog. Noble, beautiful, regal, a companion/partner deserving of respect, wise, steady... really, they are what I want people to be." (Elizabeth Moore, USA)

"You can't convince anyone to own a Kuvasz. The desire to have a Kuvasz as a friend, the interest in the Kuvasz and the (developing) love and trust in a Kuvasz must be there. Either a person is made for Kuvasz or he is not. If you have to convince someone first, Kuvasz is the wrong choice. I have worked and lived with many different dogs in my life. But I have only experienced this deep feeling of connection with Kuvasz, this basic trust and the energy of these dogs can hardly be expressed in words. However, I'm not a good speaker either.

The question is: Can you smile at the loose mouth (barking) of a Kuvasz? Then the Kuvasz will enchant you, enrich your life, stand loyally by your side and go with you every step of the way. Teach you humility and patience, bring you back down to earth when you start to fly, remind you of what is really important jst in life. Make you laugh when you're sad, protect you when you're in danger. Teach you to see the world with open eyes and to go through life with consideration, respect and foresight. I don't know how best to put these wonderful creatures into words. You can see the magic of these dogs when you live with them. Kuvasz is not just a dog. A Kuvasz is a friend and a way of life if you really value these dogs." (Anja An Kima Friedrich, Germany)

"I had Great Pyrenees and loved them before Kuvasz. The Kuvasz doesn’t drool, doesn’t bark with out reason, doesn’t roam except to protect his property boundaries (might include part of the neighbors), wherever he goes often becomes his to protect, will give his life to protect his people, won’t accept treats unless he trusts you, learns so quickly, understands sentences. Gives loyalty new meaning. Patiently waits for us to be ready to go out. So much is expressed in their eyes. I am never lonely or fearful with my companion. They have ruined me to be anything but disappointed with another breed. My girl is 12 1/2 and I know we are on borrowed time. She was re-homed to us when she was six. Has been the best ever!" (Roberta Arsenault, USA)


About the Kuvasz 

Kuvasz eye kuvaszworld.jpg

In short: because he is brave, incorruptible, majestic and supremely intelligent. Because it is a Hungarian national treasure, and as such, its value is inestimable.


What is an ideal Kuvasz like? We separate the myth from reality.


We discuss what contributes to the health of your Kuvasz from several angles. How can you ensure your Kuvasz can live a healthy life?

Portrait of a Kuvasz, a traditional Hungarian flock guard dog.jpg

Chained, neglected and abused kuvaszok are also treasures. What can you do for the kuvaszok forced into an unworthy fate?


What is needed in order for a harmonious, healthy and loving bond to develop between you and your Kuvasz? What are the external and conditions for keeping a Kuvasz, and what are the characteristics of an owner with whom Kuvasz really feels in its element?

Kuvaszworld puppy2.jpg

What is worth paying attention to? Derived from the set of instincts and duties of the livestock guardian dog, we present the most important turning points in each phase of the Kuvasz's life. What should you pay attention to in order to keep order in the pack?


We showcase how the Kuvasz coexists with domestic animals, farm animals and predators.


Why does the world need this ancient Hungarian breed? Why does the world need everything that is ancient, old, real and distinctive? What values can the kuvasz offer to the future generation? We explore this and similar topics.


From the dream to reality, from the purchase intention to taking the puppy home, we take the journey together. We give you pointers on how to search for and find the most ideal Kuvasz puppy for you.


We share the knowledge of Kuvasz breeders and owners and the advice of veterinarians. What do Kuvasz feed their dogs from conception to old age? What can we learn from this?

Image by Aaron Burden

What is the kuvasz breed standard and why should you know it? What is written in the "big book" will help you when buying your kuvasz, and you can check how your kuvasz compares to the standard.

Élet a pusztán, 1908 Fotó- Magyar Földrajzi Múzeum _ Erdélyi Mór Cége Fotobutik.jpg

With the help of heart-warming, yellowed photographs and newspaper articles, you can wander among the kuvaszok of the past. Cynologists, breeders from the past, without whom the kuvasz could not be what it is today. Help us building the Kuvasz archive by sending materials!


From Kuvasz owners for Kuvasz fans about the Kuvasz

Do you have or have you ever had a Kuvasz? Would you like to share your insights? Your experience? Your story?

What kind of topics can you expect?

Everything about the Kuvasz.

You have valuable knowledge and experience about the Kuvasz.

Share it so others can learn from it!

Thank you all of you who contributed in any way to the opening of the Kuvasz World.

Thank you in advance if you join us.

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This is how we started​

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