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Recent Kuvasz Stories

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How would you convince someone to own a Kuvasz? Why is the Kuvasz fantastic?

We asked Kuvasz fans, Kuvasz owners and Kuvasz breeders, because who could speak better about this great breed than those who live with the Kuvaszok and have dedicated their lives to breeding this majestic dog?

Honestly they can see into your soul and you can see into theirs. (Cindy Mcleod, USA)

"I love it when they smile. You smile and he smiles back. I love everything about him, the way he looks at me, his eyes, his attitude, his temperament. Each one of my Kuvaszok is an independent character. He is strong-willed, he has become a bit spoiled, that is why he is jealous. But if I show him some love, then he will move aside, and the rest can come. They are very intelligent dogs, they can memorize 100 words.” (Éva Sándorné Bárándi, Hungary)

“If you have to convince anyone of anything it it usually wrong choice for them. We can give the traits both desirable and potentially not desirable Educate and let them decide. Loyal, personality, athletic, independent thinkers, ultimate very guardy, sheds year round, silly, stoic, benevolent, silly, agile, wary, beautiful. No order intended in my list. “(Theresa Weber, USA)

"The work next to the cattle herd is done by the driving dogs, I have eight Mudi mixes who work in shifts. And the Kuvaszok, they come with us, they also have the ability to drive cattle in their guts anyway. The Kuvasz is better equipped in that he can bite big time, which the cow knows, the bull knows. Among the dogs, the Kuvaszok represent strength. In addition, they are very fast runners and can keep up with nimble, smaller driving dogs, but due to their large bodies, they get tired sooner, so I keep the rest time for them. The third great virtue of the Kuvasz is that he has a better nose than other driving dogs. The life of a Kuvasz is work, and the work of a good Kuvasz is equal to that of ten people." (Sándor Barta, Hungary)

We have had 3; our current Kuvasz is 1-1/2 years old. We love this breed because of their independence, sweet, fun & silly personalities, instincts in their ability to know when to protect, their beautiful hair; I can brush off dried mud & the hair stays white and clean. Our boy loves my horses especially my miniature donkey. We also have a wonderful Golden Retriever and our boys are best friends. This breed is dignified and regal; we get a lot of attention everywhere we go with him. (Kuvasz owner/fan, USA)

I have talked many people out of getting a Kuvasz . And I have seen too many people who do get them for all the wrong reasons and never appreciate what a Kuvasz is. There is a bond between a Kuvasz and the Right person that can not be fully explained in words- so a person should have a sincere desire to be a part of that bond before even thinking of getting a Kuvasz. (Noemi Teleky, USA)

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