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Who is the Kuvasz for?

"The Kuvasz is for anyone who educates and socialises them as it fits the dog. You have to educate him, you have to pay attention to him. Provide him with space, food, and time. It is not good if the Kuvasz is alone, he is also a social creature. He needs a large area that he can roam, medical expenses and protection against parasites. A Kuvasz , and Komondor, should not be kept on bread and bacon skin." (Breeder A. István, breeder, Serbia, Vojvodina)


"If, for some reason, our dogs do not like the prospective owner on their first visit, if our dogs behave strangely towards the customer, they will not get a puppy. If the buyer is aggressive or very afraid, if he doesn't have a garden, if he doesn't have experience in keeping dogs, if he doesn't have time for the dog, then he won't get a puppy." (Breeder Sabine S., Germany)


"The owner of the Kuvasz is a person who is very intelligent and strong, both physically and mentally. You will never be able to outsmart the Kuvasz, but to be able to convince him, it is critical that you have a good relationship with him. He who has a sudden anger should never have a Kuvasz. If you subdue the Kuvasz, you break its spirit, and then what do you think it's for? He'll be stubborn and test you, but if you build a relationship with him, he'll give you his all in return." (Breeder Caroline C., USA)


"It is not mandatory to keep Kuvasz. Only those who understand this wonderful species should have a Kuvasz, because the Kuvasz does not obey everyone. A person who is worthy of a chat or discussion should be considered right for the Kuvasz. Because the Kuvas has arguments, and he likes his arguments to be right, so he tends to claim that he is right even when he is not. Therefore, the Kuvasz must be gently convinced of the wrongness of his argument, with all his heart. Then he tends to accept that he is not the only one who is right. Stubborn, persistent, at the same time, he will be the best friend of the one who wants to be his best friend. But gaining his trust is not easy. Therefore, anyone who wants to keep a Kuvasz should be of a calm temperament, dedicated, persistent, and patient host candidate. The Kuvasz decides who will be his companion, his best friend for life." (M. Erzsébet, Kuvasz fan, Hungary)

Did your heart skip a beat when you saw a majestic, commanding Kuvasz? Do you long to buy such an unusual breed? Before you make the final decision, examine yourself and your circumstances, because neither enthusiastic excitement nor the urgent need to protect your values is enough to commit to the Kuvasz. Do you know how important it is that your needs and the dog's needs meet? Are you aware of the needs of a Kuvasz?


By considering the following aspects, you can give yourself an accurate answer as to whether the Kuvasz is right for you. We approach the issue from three sides, taking into account human, environmental and financial factors. Each of these three factors is equally important in making a decision.


Environmental Conditions

  • Who are you? What are you like? 

  • What do you want to use the Kuvasz for?

  • Is the Kuvasz suitable for your purpose?


Financial Conditions

  • Where will the Kuvasz live?

  • How big is this area?

  • Can you provide the educational and basic health necessities?


Human Conditions

  • Can you take care of feeding a large dog? Can you provide regular healthcare?

  • Are you prepared for unexpected medical expenses?

  • Are you able to finance any training or purchase of equipment?

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