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Welcome to the World of Kuvaszok!

Kuvasz World was born out of a passion for the Kuvasz with the aim of preserving awareness and appreciation of the breed for future generations to come. Passion for the ancient, incorruptible, proud breed. The noble and brave defender of the spiritual and material values ​​of Hungarians. Passion for a special breed of dog that transcends the boundaries of time and space and is able to steal the hearts of those privileged people who recognize the ancient power and wisdom radiating from the deep brown eyes of the White Giant.


We created this blog and website so that Kuvasz fans from all over the world can meet here. , We aim to vivify a community whose binding force is the representation of the value, respect and love of the breed. Kuvasz is rare like a blue diamond, and therefore it's value is inestimable.


We believe that through our common friend, the Kuvasz, we can all directly relate to the primal qualities of beauty, strength or freedom. The virtues of the Kuvasz, such as courage, loyalty, honesty, independence and knowledge, authentically connect us not only with the Hungarian national past, but the representation of these values is what connects us, people, all over the world.

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How did we get to the World of Kuvaszok... 

The driving force behind our journey in the World of Kuvaszok is our love for the kuvasz.  Although we have always had a deep connection with these majestic creatures, and we have been dedicated kuvasz fans since our childhood, we have our kuvasz puppies to thank for bringing us together.  We are "litter sisters".  

We would like as many Hungarians as possible to invite Kuvasz back into their lives. We would like the Kuvasz to enter a new era and conquer the world. Because we trust that people all over the world are thirsty for the eternal values that this dog represents.

With love for kuvasz,

Beatrix and Kinga



Welcome to Kuvasz World!


Currently, I am fortunate to share my life with the White Pack. My Kuvasz made my childhood dream come true . After twenty years spent away from Hungary, my heart can beat again when he accompanies me on my journey.


His healthy self-confidence, radiating freedom, combined with self-confidence, is impressive. His loyalty and incorruptibility are exemplary. It is a worthy reflection of the Hungarian heart.

Kuvasz Kinga.jpg


I warmly welcome you to the World of Kuvaszok!


Welcoming any puppy is exciting and joyful at the same time. That's exactly what I felt when the two fabulous puppies arrived at our home. In general, puppies are fun, cute, and provide plenty of reasons to be cheerful. In addition, Kuvasz puppies have an exceptionally lively mind, can be characterized by strong character traits from a very young age, and are amazingly intelligent. That's why you can't get bored with them.


Through our wanderings and games, they are just as strongly connected to the timeless joy of being in the created world, as they conspicuously represent the virtues of reason and diligence while studying or working. As dogs, they stand at such a high level of self-identity that can be exemplary for all people searching for their origins and destiny.

Sheep in Open Fields

What is your Kuvasz story?

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