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Why the kuvasz?

Why choose this brave, noble, incorruptible breed? We asked Kuvasz fans and share their messages. 

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"By the time I got there, there were only three puppies to choose from. One of them curled up a bit further away and didn't participate in the fun game of the pack. Peace and warmth emanated from his eyes, but he let me know that he noticed me with his lively, intelligent look. I stepped closer, and he stood up, respectfully sniffed the heel of my shoe, and then sat down opposite of me. I reached down, touched his soft fur with my palm, and then we looked deeply into each other's eyes. "Puppy, will you come with me?" Will you be my partner? We both felt happiness, that is undeniable. And the two pairs of eyes made a silent vow of alliance until death.”


With rapturous voices, the farmers tell stories about their first encounter with their kuvasz, because the essence and light of Kuvasz's character can only be authentically captured in descriptions bordering on poetry. Who, by the grace of God, can claim the true friendship and faithful service of a Kuvasz as his own, his devoted work, he walks in the land of legends when he tells tales about his dog.


This is not a simple bias or fashionable infatuation with our breed, "Our dog's puppy". (This quote refers to a recent movie about the Kuvasz) Kuvasz is a witness to the history written in the Hungarian heart, but what is more: a reminder - a message engraved in the bloodline.


Companion (Backfriend*there is no equivalent word for hattars in English) - this is what our ancestors called those companions who are not connected by blood-relative relationship, but by lifelong brotherhood sealed by a blood contract. A partner is neither a buddy nor a simple friend. He is a person to whom you can confidently "turn your back on", because you can trust him unconditionally even with your life. The comrades-in-arms ??? supported each other, protecting each other's lives and integrity, and fought back the attacks, pooling their strength. This is the highest bond between two people, two men, two warriors, until death, under all circumstances. Scythians, Huns, Hungarians, shepherds, shepherds and lords instilled this high-order moral law in the heart of the kuvasz, which is why the kuvasz became an unshakable, persistent and intelligent defender of Hungarians and everything that is dear and valuable to them.


The kuvasz had to preserve and protect human life and the life of cattle. In order to fulfill this purpose at the highest level, his physical, intellectual and emotional abilities had to be subordinated to the highest goal. All of its talents serve the purpose of being able to serve in the most perfect, efficient, and economical way. 



But the kuvasz became much more than that. Our ancestors followed and praised the beauty and perfection of God's work, when they created their ornately carved household items, ornate clothing or fabulous jewelry. The kuvasz was filled with the same spirit with an eye-catching appearance.??? Its white fur, respectable stature, proportionality, and attention-demanding demeanor make it one of the most attractive dog breeds in the world. Its extraordinary intellectual abilities, independent thinking, ability to remember and profoundly rich emotional world make it one of the smartest and wisest dog breeds in the world.


"Why the kuvasz? Because he is good-natured, adaptable, kind, loyal and very, very smart. An extremely intelligent breed. But I also like to watching them. I enjoy it.”


For us Hungarians, kuvasz is a living memory of an old, pure moral world. Memory of a world in which sincere intention, unshakable loyalty to our loved ones and our home; in which the brave, fearless heroic standing and self-sacrifice represented the noblest form of existence. The kuvasz knows what together, for each other and for you means thanks to the command of this noble moral order ingraved in the heart.

The kuvasz acquired and perfected his knowledge and skills in the midst of real dangers. His independent thinking was refined in acute situations that appeared in so many versions. In addition to his physical strength he also needed his twisted wits in disposing of the enemy. That's why today's kuvasz also recognizes the purity of intentions with an infallible sense, and understands and handles these life situations with amazing speed– all the while, remaining incorruptible.

"We've had several types of dogs throughout our lives, but the Kuvasz is a Kuvasz. What the rest of the dogs we had to teach, the kuvasz knows everything by default. What they didn't know when they were small, had to be shown once."


He treats an 80-year-old mother leaning on a cane and a three-year-old child with equal care, and accepts them as a pack leader if life demands of him. He considers himself a family member, a companion. Nice, cheerful, affectionate. He surrounds his loved ones with attention and care. Playful, and he plays patiently and with joy with those weaker than him, but leaves everything and anything behind in the blink of an eye, if

his instincts call him to work. Because that's what he lives for.

In his real homeland, the wind gallops freely, the horizon is wide, and the smell of the earth is intoxicating. In his real country undisturbed silence reigns, animals and humans live their daily lives in undisturbed peace. He happily undertakes and fulfills his task with dedication and joy when he wants to maintain the peace and security of the space sacred to him with merciless rigor. 


For him, the tranquility of his sacred space, of the home and its family members is unbreakable, and any attempt against this requires retaliation and the immediate restoration of the idyllic state. Because he feels with his instincts, he carries the knowledge in his guts of what is really important: life, health, health and a joyful, happy family life.

"When I was a child, I was afraid of all animals, even baby chickens. We had several dogs, but I was also so afraid of them, my mother even had to accompany me to the gate. Then came the two kuvaszok, who were so smart and they knew I was afraid. So they never came near me, except very carefully, nicely, delicately. They never scared me with unnecessary barking, and I never had to worry about not being able to calmly play in our garden. Between us children, my three-year-old brother was accepted as the pack leader. It was enough just to look at them.”


Anyone who approaches an area guarded by a kuvasz is first greeted by an overwhelming sight: white, possibly bone-colored, dense, wavy, clean, strong fibered fur, large stature, harmonious, noble body proportions. Nice head, deep brown almond-shaped eyes, strong bones and full muscles. The dog's appearance is attractive, serious and commands authority. At the approach of the stranger, the deep, hollow, resounding bark is heard, the enormous fangs flash. Then with the elasticity, speed and explosiveness of an athlete, the steely muscles are set in motion. The manifestation of power this way is astonishing, terrifying and fascinating all at the same time. 


In order to flash just a few pictures of the amazing results of breeding, the joint creation of nature and man, the color of the enchantingly beautiful white fur coat in the night attacks warn predators about the presence of a watchdog.


This tight, self-cleaning fur protects against weather extremes and reduces the risk of injuries and diseases.With his body mass, muscle strength and mobility due to its proportionality, the kuvaszok in a pack are able to fight against wolves and other predators. 


The bark reminiscent of thunder and body size makes the attacker assess the risks. Strong neck and jaws, large fangs –all of these are suitable for disposing of the enemy. The almond-shaped eyes scan the area in a wide angle, at good distances from each other, all members of the pack vigilantly watch and guard the order and keep the entire area under control. 


In case of an attachk they communicate with each other and without orders, they independently eliminate the source of the disturbance. With their characteristic trotting movement they can cover huge distances at a fast pace with little effort. Despite their large bodies they are not demanding in terms of feeding. Due to their resliant body, they are not sensitive to the environmental elements. Thanks to their tolerance and strong instincts, their work ethic is extraordinary.


I'm a farmer, I'm not a man of words, I don't even know how to say this. The kuvasz works better than anything else, he is simply tireless. He can do everything he needs to do, he is strong, tough, he's quick and has the brains for the job. He has a good nose, better than a driving dog's. The heart and soul of the kuvasz is work, and I value my dogs for their service.” A good dog's work is worth ten people's work."

We pay our respects and sincere appreciation to our ancestors, who created such a dazzling harmony of structure, appearance, usability. Hungarian virtue and historical heritage that made the Kuvasz one of the most unique and valuable dog breeds in the world.

Image by Sergei A

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