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If your heart skips a beat when you see a Kuvasz…

If you can't pass a Kuvasz on the street without you feeling the pure force that radiates from this dog ...

If your chest swells with pride when someone praises your Kuvasz ...

You belong here


The protagonist of Kuvasz World is the Kuvasz itself in the dignity and light it deserves

Join the community of Kuvasz fans, who love the Kuvasz. The driving force of this community is the pure intention of aiming for promoting the survival, reputation and respect for the Kuvasz.

The Kuvasz deserves to share the knowledge and experience related to it. As part of the Hungarian national heritage, it deserves the soul - raising, respectful stories that you can share it.


Write to us if:

  • You agree with us that we can put each other's experience and knowledge in service of the Kuvasz

  • You have real experience, knowledge of the Kuvasz

  • You want to get to know this unique breed of dogs better

  • You would raise a topic you would like to read or talk about

  • If you are proud to share your daily life with a dog with such a long history

  • You found an old photo or newspaper article you would like to show or if you have a nice Kuvasz story

  • There are no two identical people in the world. There are no two identical Kuvaszok. Our dogs live in the light of our human stories and fate. This makes them unique, special. Just as every person's life is a novel, the story and life of our dogs are unusal​


Is writing challenging?

After a friendly conversation, we can show your story to the world

Do you have language difficulties?

We translate your experiences so that the Kuvasz can soar by crossing borders

Don't hesitate, join us!

Joining Kuvasz World is not only preserving the breed, but also an instructive, exciting and cheerful journey.

Join us and email us at or contact us on our Kuvasz World Facebook page.

With respect for the Kuvasz,

Owners of Tenkes, Taltos and Viragszal


Conversations we started about the Kuvasz

We collect real experiences with the Kuvasz in the following topics so that we can learn as all learn as much as possible. If you would like to share your experience or raise a new topic, get in touch!

Is the Kuvasz two-faced?

What does the term fake dog even mean? Is there a real basis for stigmatizing Kuvasz? We separate from each other the generalizing and often smiling urban legends and the lessons of real life


The Kuvasz and children

Történétek gyerekektől 

kuvasz kolyok gyerek.jpg

The Kuvasz and predators

Where and what kind of animals does the Kuvasz protect against predators? Why is protection with the Kuvasz important for the survival of both the breed and the predators?

Image by Henrik Hansen

Hungarian friends of the Kuvasz

Komondor, Puli, Mudi...with which breeds and how does the Kuvasz coexist with the members of the 9 Hungarian dog breeds?

happy run purebred puli dog (Hungarian Puli, Hungarian Water Dog) outdoors.jpg

What kind of experience would you like to share?

...and what would you like to learn about?

Image by Matt Walsh

Who, what and how does the Kuvasz protect?

Családtagok,állatok, területek, tanyák, farmok, esztenák és minden, a kuvasz védelme alá tartozik.

Brown horse in the old peasant houses, A

The Kuvasz is dominant. What does this mean?

...and how to effectively deal with it? 

Man's Silhouette

Kuvasz health

Why is a healthy genetic background important, and what can you do to help your Kuvasz maintain its health for a long time? From the selection of the puppy, to feeding and exercise, to ensuring the appropriate living conditions, we look at these aspects one by one.


Cynologists told us

How do experts see the history of the development of the Kuvasz and the development of the breed? How do the hereditary abilities of the Kuvasz appear today and how can this help Kuvasz owners?


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