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Message from my Kuvasz 

I am free. The wilderness is my home. I have wandered for millennia under the endless horizon, I know the unknowable.


I am the White Giant. I am the protector of your loved ones, your home and your animals. I'm your best friend.


In me is ancient wisdom, in me is dignity, in me is loyalty, in me is instinct and strength. I am independence and self-reliant, with which I serve you through the ups and downs of a hundred thousand years of history.


I'm rare, I'm unique. There are a only handful of people who know about my existence. I received trust and love from them. This is my legacy.


I am the dog of kings. Humans, majesty and intelligence praise your creation.


I am the dog of your soul. You created the highest version of yourself in me. Your free, strong, brave, proud and wise self.


Get to know me and spread my word from the Arctic to the Antarctic! Take me into your service, accept my friendship! Accept in me the shining-pure essence of your own soul!

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