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Who is the Kuvasz for?

Necessary financial conditions:

  • buying the puppy from a breeder

  • basic equipment (leash, collar, harness, drinker, feeding bowls, bed, transport box, etc.)

  • vaccinations, regular protection against external and internal parasites

  • kennel costs

  • costs of regular disinfection

  • fence costs

  • dog school, training costs

  • providing food of appropriate quantity and quality for the dog's age

  • provision of trace elements and minerals

  • unexpected medical expenses that may arise

And if you would like to actively contribute to the preservation of the Kuvasz breed and the idea of this value-creating opportunity has crossed your mind, then as a future breeder you must also consider the following:

  • breeding inspection fee (In Hungary)

  • exhibition and entry fees

  • travel expenses

  • fees for exchange of official documents

  • possible coverage fee

  • kennel or box

  • possibly association membership fees

  • veterinary costs

"The first year is the most important, we should definitely feed the Kuvasz with sufficient quality. At least strong-medium puppy food, plus I consider it important to feed them meat and certain type of bones. I mostly give chicken backs, but sometimes giblets, necks, heads, in winter, crackers, noodles, rice and eggs. On average, feeding a well-kept adult Kuvasz can easily be solved for HUF 20,000 per month. It can be much more, but it can also be less, for those who, for example, have sources to purchase leftovers, meat, etc." (K. Gábor, breeder, Hungary)

"For the price of a pedigree puppy, the buyer pays the parents' maintenance costs, the breeder's inspection, possible coverage, health care, travel to domestic and foreign exhibitions, training fees, exchange of official documents, a registered breeder issues an invoice upon purchase, taxes etc. The pedigree itself is only a fraction of all of this, but in order to preserve the breed, it is very important that the dog's origin can be traced. The price of a good-quality Hungarian Kuvasz puppy, for example, is HUF 200,000, and if we compare this with the same quality golden retriever at HUF 800,000, it is still far below its true value, even though it is a national treasure." (K. Béla, breeder, Hungary)

"The cost of buying a puppy is only the beginning. This is why it is very important to buy from a good breeder! If we buy a dog from a breeder or from a subpar breeder, you also run the risk that the dog will have hereditary disease or health problems due to improper conditions. Then costs can skyrocket overnight. Not to mention the mental burden on the owner that comes with such cases." (B. Emese, breeder, Hungary)

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