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Kuvasz living conditions

Ideal living conditions include:

  • an area of adequate size is available to satisfy the exercise needs of the dog

  • if you keep it in an enclosed garden, you can ensure, for example, regular walks to fully satisfy the need for exercise

  • an impenetrable, safe fence, which can be a boundary line (with possibly) an electric fence

  • possibility to withdraw and hide for protection against extreme weather

  • in an open area, it is possible for the dog to choose it's own resting place, hiding place

  • regularly disinfected shed, kennel, with clean, dry conditions

  • excrement-free run, kennel

  • stimulating environment to ensure socialization and mental health

  • the socialization of the puppy with other animal species, children, and strangers is extremely important during the first six months. Then maintaining this for the entire life of the dog

  • ensuring adaptation to various noise, light and movement stimuli in accordance with the maturity of the nervous system (introduction to vehicles, built environments) 

  • regular health care (you can read about the health of Kuvasz here)

  • ensuring the need for fresh, clean drinking water is always available (exchange of heated water in summer, exchange of frozen water in winter)

  • providing good quality food in an appropriate amount for the age, size and physical need of the dog (you can read about feeding the Kuvasz here)


"It is best to start getting used to children and strangers at a young age. If the dog is well trained, there is no need to fear that it will just attack the stranger when the owner is there. You don't need to be afraid, you shouldn't be in a hurry, if you have trust in the person, Kuvasz will not attack without reason. But it also has thousands of years of instinct, and if it is beaten, fooled, chained, it does not trust humans, then it will bite. It is also necessary to teach the Kuvasz at an early age what it is and how to treat the horse and the sheep. When the little donkey meowed, the dogs were scared of it at first, but now they love the donkey, play with it, and don't hurt it." (A. István, breeder, Vojvodina)


"Especially if the dog lives with other animal species, the kennels must be disinfected every year, which I do by whitewashing. Hygiene is extremely important for the preservation of health, also for animals. Kuvasz has a good body strength, which is why it utilizes nutrients effectively, but with meat, high-quality feed, eggs, vegetables, and various nutritional supplements, its health and strength can be maintained in the long term." (K. Béla, breeder, Hungary)


"The area must be large enough for the dog to run and play in, e.g. the yard is smaller, then a narrower but longer so-called fence off a running corridor for him, e.g. in a 5x5m kennel he can't do one sprint, while in a 12mx2m place he can do small sprints. Of course, it's best if he has much more space than this, an average yard is more than enough for him, because he can get his exercise needs out there anyway. The larger the space, the less damage the young Kuvasz causes. If he's in a smaller place, he plays with everything." (K. Gábor, breeder, Hungary)

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