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Human Conditions

The ideal Kuvasz owner:


  • consciously thinks about what she/he wants to use the Kuvasz for, and takes into account whether she/he can meet the needs of the dog

  • knowingly visits breeders and owners, gathers authentic information about the breed and the litters

  • consciously prepares for buying Kuvasz, for example, at breeding inspections and exhibitions

  • consciously chooses a puppy from a breeder

  • knows the breed, the instincts of the Kuvasz and respects the characteristics of the breed

  • adapts her/his expectations to the temperament and set of instincts of the Kuvasz

  • is able to provide a consistent and loving education for the puppy, is able to establish a harmonious dog-owner relationship

  • devotes time, energy and willingness to get to know the dog and get to know the dog better over the years, spends time with him on a regular basis

  • appreciates the work of the Kuvasz

  • is aware that she/he must responsibly keep the power and instincts inherent in Kuvasz in the right place

  • respects the Hungarian national heritage of the Kuvasz

  • has the future of the breed close to his heart, which is why, for example, he joins the Kuvasz communities and enthusiastically participates in breed popularization events and competitions

  • respects and loves the sentient beings of the Earth, including dogs


"Kuvasz is not only a dog, but a companion. Everyone is afraid of him, but with his family, he is like a cute plush bunny, to whom you can entrust your life. I love that he's not a slob, whining at all strangers, and giggling for the sake of it all. I love that he is headstrong, strong-willed, smart, intelligent and independent. It's not a fashion dog, it's not for everyone. I think a Kuvasz should be earned' (T. Magdolna, Kuvasz fan, Hungary)


"The saying of the Hungarian nobles is true: "Kuvasz is not just anyone's dog". This says it all." (István J., Kuvasz fan, Hungary)


"Your partner, your neighbor, a lifelong commitment! True love, spiritual connection! Independent, argues, decides, I'm not a servant! The kind of person who should keep a Kuvasz is strict, consistent, reliable, who will do what he says or promises to the dog! It requires a patient, persistent, calm owner who looks for a companion, a partner in his dog, and accepts that the dog has independent decisions and arguments!! There is no place for harsh strictness, keeping on a chain, unreliability!" (O. Henrietta, Kuvasz fan, Hungary)


"Kuvasz is a dominant breed. In the pack, they also try to gain dominance amongst each other, and then they decide who is the pack leader. If they learn and accept you as the leader of the pack, when they are puppies, then there will be no dominance struggle. If you treat them like a Barbie doll, they will come out on top” (A. István, breeder, Vojvodina)

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